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March 10th, 2014





BRITAIN’S Got Talent finalist Steve Hewlett wowed an audience in South Shields last night.

The comedian and ventriloquist, who came fourth in last year’s ITV talent show, got big laughs as he displayed his amazing skills.

He kicked off the night by telling the audience about how long he’d been doing ventriloquism, how he developed the ability, and introduced them to his first ever puppet – his hand.

Even with such simplicity, Hewlett was impressive and his charisma completely won the audience over.

He brought out character Arthur Lager, who had the audience in stitches.

The cheeky old man chatted up a woman in the front row and picked on Hewlett.

Hewlett was joined by a support act, magician Richard Griffin.

The magic man walked out onto stage wearing a rather terrifying clown mask and costume and displayed a couple of pitiful tricks, before a quick change revealed his true identity and his true talent.

The ‘unspeakable magician’ – as he’s known – didn’t utter a word throughout his whole performance but still made a connection with the audience.

He displayed dazzling card tricks, making decks appear out of thin air, got the audience involved for some hilarious and astonishing tricks, and used music brilliantly to accompany his act.

Griffin was a fantastic addition to the show and his magic really does speak for itself.

Hewlett returned to the stage with more characters, including Little Simon Cowell – complete with baby Eric – Little Sinitta, and Little Keith Melon. The puppets poked fun at the celebrities and delighted the audience.

He also brought out Chi Chi the dog and Pongo the skunk, which both reduced the kids, and the adults, into fits of giggles.

Each of Hewlett’s puppets has a voice, personality and mannerisms of its own. They were so animated that it was easy to forget Hewlett was operating them – they seemed to be a completely separate person.

Ventriloquism really is a fine art and Hewlett has honed it to an amazing level, to the point that he can even sing a duet with his puppets.

The show truly is an inspiration to watch and the audience of all ages laughed themselves silly.

Hewlett has real charm and is a genuinely hilarious performer.

If you get a chance to see this guy in action, I can’t stress enough how much you should take it.

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March 4th, 2014

FLYER @ 2014

Alice In Wonderland Easter TOUR, Gravesend, Reading, Dunstable, Southsea, Hunstanton & Croydon

February 26th, 2014