The Grand Order Of Water Rats

The Show business charity. To be a Water Rat you have to be invited. Steve was Proposed by Roy Hudd OBE and seconded by fellow Ventriloquist & Comedian Roger De Courcey on 27th July 2014 (No:883). The Grand Order of Water Rats exists as a wonderful Fraternity and Charitable Organisation.

A Charitable Organisation

Film Stars to Punch and Judy Men; Pop Stars to Sporting Heroes; Comics to Dramatic Actors; Musicians to Television Presenters; Magicians to Photographers; Radio Stars to Royalty. The Grand Order of Water Rats exists as a wonderful Fraternity and Charitable Organisation.

Our mission statement

“The Grand Order of Water Rats’ charitable fund represents an unselfish giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, providing a stream of support for nationally recognised charities, whilst embracing benevolence of our members, their families and our show business colleagues.” by Prince Rat (for 2014) Ian Richards.

There's never more than 200

It also retains the power to make special awards to worthy individuals or organisations at the discretion of our Trustees.” There’s never more than 200 in the order at one time.

Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Les Dawson...

Past Brother Rats have included the likes of Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Danny La Rue, Bert Weedon, David Lodge, including Ventriloquists Arthur Worsley, Neville King, Keith Harris and today we have Nicolas Parsons CBE, Neil Morrisey, Ken Dodd, Roy Wood and many more including 2014 /15 King Rat Rick Wakeman.

Look Beyond The Heart

I’m proud to be a Trustee of Look Beyond The heart as the founder Nicola Langland’s asked me personally before we sadly lost her in December 2013.

I’m working closely with her family to make Nicola’s dream come true by finally Registering the Charity and making the public aware that she wanted to help others. Please read Nicola’s Story here and get involved if you have any ideas to help Beyond The Heart become more aware to this who need us.

Royal Hippodrome Theatre

I met Nicola in 2010 at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne where i was appearing in my first Top Of the Bill Summer Show. Nicola emailed to ask if i would perform for a Charity show she was organising in a nearby hotel.

As the event came closer

Nicola became poorly and I along with my wife Nina took over the planning of the Entertainment and with the help of many friends and entertainers we raised a few thousand pounds and a large amount of that was helped by an Auction of Signed Celebrity Goodies as Auctioneer, Host, Comedian & friend of mine the late Jack Seaton worked like a trooper to raise as much as he could.

We raised £8000

Over 4 years we put on 4 events, the next being a variety night where we raised money to sponsor a Mascot called Alfie After Care Bear ‘The Puppet’ Then in 2013 we SOLD OUT the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne in hope of raising £5000 to launch Look Beyond The Heart. We raised £8000.

6 weeks later

6 weeks later we lost Dear Nicola to a chest infection but she knew the Charity was going to happen. In 2014 I hosted a Talent Show for local acts at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre and we raised a few thousand pounds to top up the Account.

The Heart of this charity

I along with Nicola’s sister Jessica, mother Lynn & Father Jim and their wonderful family are planning many future events to keep the Heart of this charity Beating x

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