Personalised Puppets

Transform a friend, guest or even your boss!

Imagine hosting your own special event with Comedy Ventriloquist Steve Hewlett and then surprising your guests as Steve tops of his show by revealing a dummy of one of your friends, clients or even you boss!

Comedy VentriloquistSteve Hewlett

Known on the Cabaret, Cruise, Theatre & Corporate circuit for over 20 years & who in 2013 was recognised as theVent with the Simon Cowell & Sinitta dummies on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Transform a friend, guest or even your boss!

Steve’s Personalised Puppets have been successful in front of millions of people on Britain’s Got Talent, Phillip Schofield’s ITV’s 24hr Text Santa & also performed successfully in a British Army Base AnnualEvent in Paderborn, Germany in 2013 and October 2017 for The late & great Sir Ken Dodd’s 90th Birthday party.

Get your guests talking & employees laughing!

If you are looking for something that will WOW your clients, have your wedding guests talking or have your employees laughing… Steve’s Personalised Puppets is what you have been looking for!

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